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Data Profits Makes Managing Seasonal Demand Easier in 2016

ATLANTA, August 16, 2016 – At this critical time of year, retailers rely on seasonal merchandise to reach their Fall sales goals. Retailers are also deep into planning and buying for Halloween and Christmas goods for 2016. To help retailers assess their 2016 performance and get a jump on 2017, Data Profits is offering retailers […]

Seasonal Indexes: Are You Asking The Wrong Questions?

Many people are finishing their summer holidays and prepping for the new school year with ‘Back to School’ shopping. Retail and Wholesale companies are implementing their 2016 fall season and holiday sales plans based on demand planning and hopefully a few seasonal indexes. Surprising to me is the fact that blogs, how to articles, and […]

6 Seasonal Index Mistakes You Dont Want to Make

We all know snow shovels aren’t going to sell in the summer and beach towels will flop in December. Most of us can identify general seasonality and spot a really bad seasonal index by applying simple common sense. But do you front-load your key seasons or reduce orders because your replenishment system doesn’t quite get […]

7 Reasons Your Lead Time is Wrong & it's Costing You Millions

Do You Make These Lead Time Mistakes Shoppers use technology today at a dizzying level to gain leverage over retail. Mobile phones offer limitless shopping options for products at the right price and place. Key to the shopper process is deciding where to purchase the product.  This changing speed of retail decisions shortens the retail […]

2 Secrets to Manage Slow Demand Products that Make You Money

Slow Demand products makeup 35-40% of most retailer assortments and cannot be simply eliminated. In order to profitably sail the Slow Demand Product seas, you need to be equipped with a proper forecasting engine. By providing a forecasting engine that utilizes the correct algorithm for slow demand products, you have taken an important step in […]

P's of Retail

P’s of Retail play a key role in whether a business is successful or posting out of business sign in window. This video does a good job exploring the P’s of Retail.

Forecasting for Slow and Intermittent Products – the Fiction

Is Your Demand Forecasting Solution Actually Leading to Profits? All retailers face the fact that demand forecasting products that move slowly and products that move intermittently during the year is required to grow profits. In fact 35-40% of most retailer assortments consist of slow and intermittent products, while this may be well known, it is […]

New Seasonal Index Lessons from History

Is Your Demand Forecasting Solution Actually Leading to Profits? A seasonal index, or seasonal multiplier, is a figure that is used to adjust a demand forecast, either raising it or lowering it for a period of time. The result of the calculation (product base forecast x seasonal index) can be used to determine the inventory […]