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Four Ideas that can Fix Inventory Replenishment

Can you find new ideas to improve your inventory replenishment and / or supply chain in under three minutes?  Do you find training materials and great ideas shared on the web by your software and other supply chain companies? Does your software support site provide a full offering of concepts and ideas that utilize support […]

Data Profits Launches New Highly Responsive Website

Atlanta, September 27, 2016 Data Profits, launches a new user-friendly and highly responsive Web site today. The new website will cover relevant topics like Forecasting to meet our user groups’ needs. The goal at Data Profits is always to exceed our user groups’ expectations. Our customers wanted better teaching materials that focused on demand forecasting […]

Promotional Inventory: 3 Ideas to Make Profits Soar

How do you plan for promotional inventories? The goal is to increase inventory amounts at the right locations to meet service goals and maintain additional inventory until the end of the promotion.  After the promotion ends, the inventory should be back to the basic inventory level needed to meet service. The key piece being how […]

Data Profits Makes Managing Seasonal Demand Easier in 2016

ATLANTA, August 16, 2016 – At this critical time of year, retailers rely on seasonal merchandise to reach their Fall sales goals. Retailers are also deep into planning and buying for Halloween and Christmas goods for 2016. To help retailers assess their 2016 performance and get a jump on 2017, Data Profits is offering retailers […]

Seasonal Indexes: Are You Asking The Wrong Questions?

Many people are finishing their summer holidays and prepping for the new school year with ‘Back to School’ shopping. Retail and Wholesale companies are implementing their 2016 fall season and holiday sales plans based on demand planning and hopefully a few seasonal indexes. Surprising to me is the fact that blogs, how to articles, and […]

7 Reasons Your Lead Time is Wrong & it's Costing You Millions

Do You Make These Lead Time Mistakes Shoppers use technology today at a dizzying level to gain leverage over retail. Mobile phones offer limitless shopping options for products at the right price and place. Key to the shopper process is deciding where to purchase the product.  This changing speed of retail decisions shortens the retail […]