ROI Results

Let Data Profits ‘Tighten the Links in your Chain™’ and See ROI in 90 Days

iKIS ROI Results

Data Profits’ iKIS SaaS solution delivers forecasting, inventory management, and collaboration tools to leading wholesalers/distributors, suppliers, and mid-tier retailers. Data Profits provides cost savings for its clients through improved forecasting, better inventory management, and, unique to iKIS, the ability to learn seasonal trends and mapping of merchandise behavior.

Data Profits’ iKIS solution can be installed in 30 days at 1/10th the cost of the competitions’ solution and lets customers see ROI in just 90 days.

Learn more about Data Profits success with current clients, as well as explore how Data Profits can help your organization ‘Tighten the Links in Your Chain™.’

Financial ROI

Compare the differences in traditional software license and maintenance models to our Software as a Service (SaaS) price model. See how we offer a full service, enterprise solution, where others deliver only a ‘lite’ version of their software over the web and call it Software as a Service (SaaS). Don’t get cheated by fancy sales talk and empty promises when global competition is really starting to heat up. We have worked in the software industry for years and know first hand how businesses are led down one path and then blindsided with add-on fees.

Contact us! We will help you estimate your ROI from applying our iKIS solution for 90 days. Just provide some basic information: COGS, in-stock, and inventory value. With those basic numbers, broken out by some level of product hierarchy, we can help you prove and see that there is Profit in your Data.

User ROI

To have real ‘optimized inventory’ you need an Order Management module that can see the future and know the difference between demand need and filling up space on the truck.
iKIS provides tools in an easy to use format including:

  • Customized views
  • ‘What-if’ scenarios
  • Edit orders
  • Flag Meeting Vendor min.
  • Review of future orders
  • Optimize Orders

Case Studies

To optimize the profit potential on your inventory you need to: balance service goals wth inventory carry costs, inventory acquisition costs, vendor minimum constraints, gross margin and GMROI. Too many orders and acquisition costs reduce your profits. Too few orders over time, lost sales and carry costs reduce your profits . You need a system that can balance all the factors to determine how many days are between each order. iKIS delivers Order Cycle Optimizations with tools that include:

  • Days needed to meet vendor min
  • Inventory Carry Cost
  • Inventory Acquisition Cost
  • Break Point Pricing
  • Truck Builds

Does 90% Demand Forecast Accuracy Sound Interesting?

Does 90% Demand Forecast Accuracy Sound Interesting?