Order Management

Do you spend time building and analyzing your purchase orders, yet still run out of stock?

iKIS Order Management

Time is money; how much time do you spend in email and on the phone about:

  • Lost sales and Out of stock
  • DC and Store Service
  • Inventory over budget
  • Sales not meeting plan

Data Profits Order Management tools can get you back on the plan with order systems that build purchase orders that are then tracked and reviewed daily. All of the data is directed into the inventory management system, providing custom KPIs and Alerts to help ‘Tighten the links in your Chain.™

Does 90% Demand Forecast Accuracy Sound Interesting?

Does 90% Demand Forecast Accuracy Sound Interesting?

Purchasing Management

iKIS recommends purchase orders on the day they meet your service and budget criteria.

  • Maximum Profit Order
  • Highlight product for Ad Order
  • Review & Edit online
  • Truck build review

Purchase Order Tracking

iKIS provides customizable tools to track, report and exception manage the purchase orders.

  • What is on order
  • When does it arrive
  • What is past due
  • Who never shipped

Vendor Score Cards

How well are your vendors performing? Which vendors make you the most money?

  • Did they ship
  • Was it right
  • Was it on time
  • What is their sell through

How does Data Profits evaluate cost of goods sold (COGS)?

True COGS is based upon a host of factors that include materials cost, acquisition cost and holding cost.

PO Review and Change

Reviewing and placing purchase orders can be very complicated. There is a delicate balance between budget money and inventory that must be maintained while meeting the vendor criteria for shipping the order.

What needs to be ordered, when, how much, and why are the questions. Things get complicated when you need to add on inventory for an ad or deal that has special discounts associated with select products. Once you have the right products in the right amounts, you need to make sure you meet the vendor minimums for shipping, whether those are: truck, container, cube, weight, dollars or units.

This math is complex and manually time-consuming. However, if you need to change an order, our tools will immediately show you: how your changes will affect your ability to meet vendor minimums to ship.

Once an order is placed, you expect it be shipped complete and arrive on a certain day. Data Profits Order Management tools have the answers for you and your vendors.

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