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Data Profits' Unified Forecasting Solution Helps Pamida Reduce Inventory Levels While Increasing Sales

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Data Profits Helps Pamida Stores

ATLANTA, GA (February 1, 2011) -- Today Data Profits ( announced that its patent-pending, business intelligence software, iKIS, enabled Pamida, a Midwest retailer, a net decrease in inventory while experiencing a positive sales trend. Data Profits' iKIS software made it possible for Pamida to lower its inventory investment dollars so that the 185-store retailer could reallocate a portion of the capital saved toward meeting customer demand. ROI was realized in the first 30 days.

Data Profits Releases iKIS 5.2

ATLANTA, GA (August 25, 2010) -- Data Profits, a national SaaS-based company focused on the sales and supply chain space, announced today the release of the next version of its award-winning iKIS software solution. Already companies are experiencing tremendous cost and time savings, utilizing Data Profits' iKIS 5.2 software, which is the only solution on the market today that allows for near real-time collaboration. A Midwest Tier 1 retailer with over 200 stores experienced more than $1 million in savings upon completion of its pilot project using iKIS version 5.2. In fact, the iKIS 5.2 solution reduced the Tier 1 retailer's working capital by almost one week of inventory while increasing "in stock" performance by two percent.