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How Data Profits SaaS Supply Chain Solution Helps ‘Tighten the Links in Your Chain™’

iKIS User ROI Results

Data Profits’ SaaS solution, iKIS 5.2 (Internet Keeping Inventory Simple), connects all of the supply chain players with a customized solution that addresses the inventory and supply chain management problems that you face daily. Data Profits allows you as the C-level executive, buyer, inventory, store or DC manager or vendor/supplier to access the supply chain planning process.

iKIS improves sales, merchandise planning, and supply chain ordering by anticipating customer needs with intelligent forecasting and “right-time” actionable information. Data Profits’ unique technology allows you to arrange the look and process flow of the supply chain planning processes instantly and “Tighten the Links in Your Chain.”

Depending on your role and the information most important to you, you can customize business rules, work flow, even page layout with the iKIS drag and drop technology. However, iKIS isn’t just about the look, utilizing advanced algorithms and analysis Data Profits’ delivers unprecedented forecast accuracy.

Interested in a solution that can be installed in 30 days with ROI in less than 90 days? Click here to learn more about how Data Profits can help you meet your supply chain goals.


Our Shopper Centric forecasting algorithms combine BI analysis with forecasting intelligence to provide the best possible forecast to you and your supplier network. Forecast future regular, lost, promo and event sales for basics, fashion and general merchandise in retail and wholesale companies. Stay ahead of the curve.


Forecast lead times from PO creation until the goods are available for consumers. Realize costs associated with how long it takes to get new goods ready for the shelf. Visualize the multi-echelon data from vendor to DC, DC to DC, DC to Store, Direct, Cross dock, and flow though across your supplier network.

Inventory Manager

Maximize gross profit and minimize inventory costs through inventory optimization. Determine days needed between replenishment orders, balancing service, acquisition, and carry cost with gross margin.

Store / DC Mgt.

Our Order Management tools suggest When, What, and How much to order, built to vendor minimum. Our service also provides edit and analysis tools for purchase orders with customizable Scorecards and KPIs for vendor performance.


Tracking, Forecasting and Buying for promotions, events and new products.

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit