Advanced & Custom Reporting

How long do you wait on your reports Monday morning?

With Data Profits’ Advanced & Custom Reporting tools and options, it’s all about how you need to run your business.  Our advanced reporting block provides you a robust selection of reports in 6 critical categories.  Sometimes a report deck isn’t enough, that’s why we offer a Custom Reporting program to allow you to custom design reports crafted around your needs, business process, and business rules.

Finally, because we all know time is money, and in the global economy, someone is always working, we let you schedule your reports, not only to yourself, but also to your internal and external team.  Don’t worry, we’ve got the security tools in place to make sure each person can only see what’s allowed at a product/ location/ management level.  It’s how you want to do business.

Advanced Reporting

Our tools allow you to create and schedule custom reports in the form of graphs, grids or dashboards. Reports can be custom scheduled for delivery to yourself and you can schedule/ send reports out to your internal and external sales, product, supply chain , and user groups you define.

Custom Reporting

While we offer a full report deck for our users, sometimes a pre-formed report doesn’t answer the need.  We have a point and select reporting program that is robust with tools to custom create your own reports, graphs, charts, and scorecards.  Once completed, you can publish your report and also set up a user schedule you define in the program to send out your report to your team and outside vendor/ suppliers.

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