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Increasing Profits in Less than 90 Days – How We Keep Inventory Simple and Who We Are

As founder and CEO of Data Profits, welcome to the Data Profits Blog. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful insights into inventory management, helping you identify opportunities to improve your supply chain and increasing profits. Our solution, iKIS (“Internet’s Keeping Inventory Simple”) provides a SaaS-based solution that retailers trust with one of their largest investments — their inventory.

Data Profits’ BI tools deliver consumer insight and demand forecasting at new levels of detail and accuracy. Merging BI analytics, demand forecast and planning tools with vendor and buyer collaboration provides clear, accurate, and extensive knowledge of consumer buying habits allowing retailers to reduce inventories but stay in-stock with the right products at the right location, delivering increased sales for Data Profits’ customers.

One recent successful implementation with a top 100 retailer resulted in market leading outcomes:

  • 25 percent inventory reduction
  • More than 3 percent same store increase in sales and gross margin
  • More than 90 percent forecast accuracy

All in less than 90 days.
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Demand Forecasting – Data Profits iKIS highlights

Overview of the iKIS SaaS Demand Forecasting Graph. View your demand, sales, promo, and plan all in one screen. Manage and view product – location historical sales, promo, and lost sales. Manage forecasting and review at the click of a button.