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Forecasting for Slow and Intermittent Products – the Fiction

Is Your Demand Forecasting Solution Actually Leading to Profits?

All retailers face the fact that demand forecasting products that move slowly and products that move intermittently during the year is required to grow profits. In fact 35-40% of most retailer assortments consist of slow and intermittent products, while this may be well known, it is less known that demand forecast and how the supply chain software uses the demand forecast are the keys to making your turn goals and maximizing your GMROI. Read more

3 Key Intermittent Demand Mistakes to Fix and Master Your Inventory

Finding the Right Balance between Too Much and Too Little

Intermittent demand is far too often a stumbling block for inexperienced inventory managers. A few common mismanagement mistakes lead to deep cuts in a retailer’s GMROI.
Generally paired on the shelf alongside high-demand products, intermittent and low-demand products account for 35%-40% of retailer assortments, and can account for 35% of a retailer’s profits. Therefore, effective supply management of intermittent demand and low-demand products, especially in today’s cutthroat retail markets, is no longer a just question of competitive advantage, but rather one of survival.

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Slow Demand Inventory Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Is Managing Slow Demand this Painful for You?

Slow and Intermittent traffic is bad, worse is a snowstorm shutting down the highway leaving you stranded in your car for 10 hours. There is nothing worse than slow or dead stopped traffic in a snowstorm right? Maybe, while we sit in traffic, we should consider the slow demand products in your assortment. Do your slow demand products need to be in your assortment? In reality, that’s the wrong question to ask, over 35% of your assortment has slow demand patterns. If you factor in the intermittent demand products, you are now reviewing over 60% of your products, a significant part of your inventory assortment and image to the customer.
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Slow and Intermittent Product Demand Forecasting Facts & Myths

Slow and Intermittent products make up 35-40% of most retailer assortments.  These products often are critical to the assortment because a top 20% product is often paired with a selection from an assortment of slow demand product choices.  This large group of products in your assortment can ruin your turn goals and your GMROI when managed incorrectly.  There are two key pieces that must work together for a retailer to win with slow movers: the demand forecast and how the supply chain software uses the demand forecast to manage the inventory. The results of poor buying are low turns and loss of capital for other product.

Slow and Intermittent Product Demand Forecasting Myths

“How do you forecast slow and intermittent demand products?” The same question was posed to me in three different meetings at NRF this year.  Many software companies differentiate their demand forecast capability from their competition by highlighting their skill in forecasting slow and intermittent product demand; at the same time, they strike fear into the hearts of retailers by highlighting retail losses delivered due to poor demand forecasting of slow moving products.  The key to this discussion is to not get trapped into a no win conclusion. More than a great Demand Forecast is needed to attain winning results with these product groups. Like the story of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’, Slow demand products are part of any assortment and can be big winners.
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