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Dear Santa – An Inventory Management Wish List

I grew up writing letters to Santa at Christmas time, asking for all a child’s heart desires. Bicycles, ponies, footballs, puppies, and more. I know a lot of you did the same. But do you ever take the time to write out your wish list for your business? If you were to sit down and write out a inventory management list, what would be on it? From talking to our customers, we’ve found a few running themes both on the retail and manufacturing sides. Here’s our typical new customer’s wish list:
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Black Friday: How to Manage Inventory and Enjoy Your Holiday at the Same Time

Thanksgiving should be a holiday for all of us to take a much needed breather and spend some quality time with our friends and family. But if you work in retail, what should be a holiday usually turns into early mornings, late nights, or no vacation at all. In order for customers to shop on Black Friday, it takes others to leave their holiday early to stock shelves, man registers, or be on call for those on the front lines. Even the corporate office doesn’t get a break; if one store is open, there is someone back at the office too. With more stores open on Thanksgiving Day, more and more of us have to cut our holiday short.
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Carrying Cost: Clean up your Inventory Optimization Fuzzy Math

Inventory optimization is based upon two major components: acquisition cost and carrying cost. If either of these factors is inaccurate, then you could be leaving money on the table. An accurate carrying cost calculation can be the difference between a highly profitable inventory optimization program and one that forces you to close your doors.

Carrying Cost Mistakes: Inventory Optimization Killers

So you’ve implemented a highly successful PO tracking program, and you know your acquisition cost for each product and location down to the cent (kudos if you’ve read our latest blog on acquisition cost). Now what?

While many top retailers (or grocers, or wholesalers) may include many of the following factors in their carrying cost calculations, we’ve found that most businesses overly simplify their projections, losing valuable margin in the process. We’ve also found out that calculations often leave out real world restrictions including: Read more