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The 7 Most Frightening Lost Sales Facts – Part 1

Companies Miss the Staggering Impact of their Lost Sales

Most companies are totally blind to the amount of lost sales they accumulate each year. Without a Lost Sales measure, a company loses significant opportunities to the competition in the forms of repeat business and gross margin dollars. The real impact of lost sales is often further hidden by the false securities of in-stock reports and service level measures that are based on fill rate.

How often do you review a lost sales report? Do you know how the lost sales are calculated and if they are accurate? Most legacy systems lack a true measure of ‘Lost Sales’ for the many reasons listed above. Many companies miss out due to the age of legacy software (often more than 5 years). The hardware cost to run product/location data even 5 years ago would prevent most companies from buying software that needed mega expensive hardware. Legacy software left out these types of calculations as the customer market that could afford to pay for mainframe hardware was extremely small.
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