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Four Ideas that can Fix Inventory Replenishment

Can you find new ideas to improve your inventory replenishment and / or supply chain in under three minutes?  Do you find training materials and great ideas shared on the web by your software and other supply chain companies? Does your software support site provide a full offering of concepts and ideas that utilize support documents, template checklists, white board animation, and slide shares to support their product and your business? Read more

Supply Chain Visibility: Are you Running the Race End to End?

How Visible are the Links in your Supply Chain?

To keep up with their customers in today’s marketplace, retailers need supply chain visibility to look closer at their entire supply chains’ performance in order to be successful. To have happy customers in today’s marketplace requires retailers to be much more responsive to their customer’s demands.

Retailers need to look end to end at their supply chain for the issues that drive their business. Having the right inventory strategy is just the start, you need to be customer centric in your execution: monitoring promotions and events and reacting to their preferences that drive business. Having the right tools in place gives you the ability to measure results and to balance the tradeoffs between: inventory, forecast accuracy, customer service, revenue, and profits.
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Top 5 Inventory Optimizations You Voted to Improve this Year

Hottest Inventory Optimization Goals Set for 2013

As we close 2013, let’s review the 5 most popular areas that supply chain people said they wanted to improve. Our research and resulting blog released January 7 of 2013 highlighted 5 areas you said you wanted to improve; how did you do? What areas of your supply chain improved and what areas still have opportunity?

Top 3 Inventory Management Concepts for Improvement in 2013

The inventory concepts included inventory optimization (IO), lead-time forecasting (LT), and supply chain visibility (SC). Oddly, Demand Forecasting (DF) was not one of the top 5 improvement goals of 2013, but that changed dramatically during the year. Sign up for our free blog to learn why and how in a few weeks. Below we have attached the original lead stories for you to review. We will be releasing the most popular supply chain stories and topics of 2013 soon, but let’s review where we started at the end of 2012 to help us learn where we need to go next.
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Two Expensive Inventory Issues: Which Do You Fix First?

Do you know the root causes of the four common inventory issues: out of stock, overstock, bumpy cash flow, and lost sales? Your goal is to have the right products in the right quantity at the right locations just in time to sell with terms from your supplier that allow you to use your money again before you pay the supplier. No one would argue the success of this strategy, so where is all the grief? In truth, there are four root causes of the most common inventory issues. Unfortunately, many companies fail to identify and act on these root causes, resulting in lost profits in the form of lost sales and higher operating costs.

  • Out of Stocks – Supply Chain Issues
  • Overstocks – Operation Problems
  • Bumpy Cash Flow – Planning & Finance
  • Lost Sales – Customer Service Issues
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Demand Forecasting Seasonal Horror Stories to Dodge

We enjoy watching horror movies, stock car races, and dodge ball here in the south for the same reason, the chance to watch something go wrong. Companies are watching the back to school sales for signs of our economy’s strength and leading indicators for holiday shopping; will something bad happen? This is a good time to review some epic inventory replenishment mistakes made by others in the past. I hope these horror stories help you learn better methods for managing inventory or at least make you say, hey at least we didn’t make that mistake in our demand forecasting and inventory replenishment.

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Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility: Top 5 Blogs of 2012

Hottest Topics of 2012: Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility

Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Visibility are the top interest blogs (stories) from 2012. Based on the number of blog viewers and average time each viewer spent on each page, the following five blogs are 3-1 favorites from 2012. These blogs indicate the key areas that companies want to improve in 2013.

Inventory Optimization is critical to Success

Inventory Optimization (IO) is a goal that often delivers substantially more profits at reduced operating expenses. The math and processes are too complicated for Excel and often software companies use IO as buzzwords and not deliverables. The reality is IO provides great promise in a world where supply chains are getting more and more complex and logistics is getting faster and more efficient.
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Data Profits’ iKIS Now Provides Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Speed, Data Granularity, and Groups Combined with Actionable Customization Will Drive Profits in 2013

Atlanta, December 19, 2012 – In 2013, mid-tier retailers, distributors, and grocers will increasingly need real-time actionable insight their into supply chain to drive behavior changes and profitability. Data Profits’ (https://data-profits.com/) iKIS supply chain visibility solution provides actionable insights, allowing companies to access granular data across both internal and supplier and/or logistics data sources, translating big data into analysis based on computer generated statistics which is coupled with human intellect. The alerts and recommendations are actionable within the Data Profits’ SaaS (software as a service) solution without opening several legacy applications.
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Predictions on the Future of Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility – A Reality in 2013

Future direction of Supply Chain Visibility

We all love the Best of 2012 Lists and Predictions for 2013. So as we prepare for 2013, I have been taking a look at the predictions for supply chain in 2013 including IDC’s Top Ten Predictions for 2013 Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management and Review’s Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012. Several topics are leading the look back and predictions including big data, visibility, visualization, virtualization, efficient and effective supply chains, cloud, mobile and communication and collaboration.

As an industry how do we take these predictions and put them in action for our customers and help them drive change and profitability.
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