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4 Big Data facts that kill Supply Chain Visualization


Supply Chain Visualization is a supply chain link that is often confused with reporting and big data analysis. Tightening this link in your supply chain is a good way to solidify the base of your supply chain decision tree. Supply chain management is consumed with trying to forecast the future. With the advancement of technologies to absorb and analyze more data (big data), new technologies are needed to visualize the data and act on future events in real time without supply chain management getting lost in the avalanche of data and useless reporting.

  • Can the replenishment team and buyers address issues that come up on the fly and take action in the same system that presents the supply chain visualization?
  • Do you have an integrated picture of your supply chain? End to End Supplier to consumer?
  • Do the right people have access to valuable data?
  • Is there seamless communication between all the supply chain stakeholders- internally and externally (suppliers)?
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