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Why some Vendor Managed Inventories ‘EXPLODE’ on Your Shelf

Collaborating with vendors is something every retailer does every day.You set up promotional plans, create POP materials, make co-op marketing agreements, devise better training programs and a thousand other things that set both vendor and retailer up for success. Cultivating relationships are key to making things go more smoothly. But most retailers have difficulty supplying vendors with one piece of communication, and it can become a big pain point.
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Demand Forecasting Seasonal Horror Stories to Dodge

We enjoy watching horror movies, stock car races, and dodge ball here in the south for the same reason, the chance to watch something go wrong. Companies are watching the back to school sales for signs of our economy’s strength and leading indicators for holiday shopping; will something bad happen? This is a good time to review some epic inventory replenishment mistakes made by others in the past. I hope these horror stories help you learn better methods for managing inventory or at least make you say, hey at least we didn’t make that mistake in our demand forecasting and inventory replenishment.

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