Exception Management & Automation

Build, customize, and take action on large product/location (SkuLoc) data sets in minutes.

It’s a seemingly endless list of tasks on your desk: you need to review reports, set up new products, identify & resolve current issues, send vendor reports, and update sales and plans across 5 or 5,000 product/location combinations (SkuLocs).

Ever feel like you are doing a lot of the same things over and over? What if you could tell a system your business rules and a run schedule? The system would find and fix the issues or auto-deliver the action list to you. Sound crazy? Now imagine you didn’t need to call IT – You could change the rules and schedule anytime. Installed in 30 days with an ROI in 90 days. It’s time to ‘Tighten the Links in your Chain.’™

Products & Locations

Select product/ locations by hierarchy, existing groups, or import a custom list. You pick the master group of product/ locations:

  1. Select product/ location(s) with your company hierarchies. Using any or all of the hierarchies to create the list that you want to maintenance, example hierarchies might include:
    • Department
    • Vendor
    • City
    • Region
  2. Import a custom product/ location list or use our BI Tools to let the system create the list with your business rules first and then apply mass maintenance. Example groups:
    • Top 100 next Qtr.
    • Top Sales Riser
    • On Ad next month
    • Emergency Response SkuLocs

Business Rules

You have top products and locations but the ‘top’ products may be different in different locations. Sound familiar?

  1. Hundreds of business rules to choose or combine with other rules to filter the product/ locations selected in step one down to the group you want to change.
    • Top 10 in each Dept
    • Top X% by vendor
    • Service Attained
    • Sales dropping
  2. Combine Rules
    • Top 50 Sales &
    • Past reorder point &
    • Nothing on order
    • Lowest Service Attained
    • At reorder point & no purchase order
  3. Run a report to review results
  4. Edit rules later as needed

Schedule & Actions

You need the system to perform maintenance now or on a schedule – limitless possibilities.

  1. A large assortment of maintenace actions to use, saving you time and improving your accuracy. Examples include: Activate and Forecast new products
    • Use sales history
    • Pattern After
    • More than 15 methods
  2. Add presentation for a floor plan
  3. Change Service goals
  4. Replace product with new product

How did Data Profits develop the program?

With actual users. Our Supply Chain Management tools were developed with years of interviews and testing by retail and wholesale executives, analysts, buyers, replenishment and allocation managers.

This research was then reviewed by some of the top business and math professors in the country. Our goal was to keep the user experience familiar and easy to use with the best math and science happening behind the screens.

User Groups

It is a known fact, if you want people to use a product, get their ideas before you build the product.

Get the math right

It is stunning to review how many forecasting and planning solutions have math based on just one or two scenarios. Why, many systems were developed by IT guys and the technology of even 5 – 7 years ago couldn’t run fast enough to deliver the answers in time.

Forecasting and planning processes had to be simplified to keep processing times low (cost) within reason. Today, iKIS by Data Profits has leveraged many different user groups and college math and business professors to bring every advantage of speed, accuracy and results to our users.

Try iKIS by Data Profits inc.

See the difference to your business in 90 days.

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