Grocery has many intricacies and anomalies with the multitude of products and vendors mixed into the rapidly changing marketplace we face today. Data Profits’ iKIS provides Demand Forecasting, Alert and Exception Management, VMI and Supply Chain Visibility along with Business Analytics to propel our customers past the competition. Our fast 30 day install means you spend less time on the ‘project’ and start to see your ROI in 90 days. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery means no large hardware cost, license fee, or maintenance fees will be front loaded into your project. Our solution costs less than 1/2 the competition price.

Demand Forecasting

Data Profits understands the complexities of retail including shelf life, investment, deal and promotions buying, all while taking into consideration all seasonal, market, and event factors to create an accurate demand forecast.

Powerful & Appropriate Forecasting

Data Profits’ unmatched number of algorithms provides on-demand processing for grocers so they can make immediate adjustments and help prevent out-of-stock from sales, promotions, or disasters on a daily basis. This demand forecasting can take place at both the store and distribution center level.

  • BI Tools used with 14+ different Algorithms
  • Unique product/ location Grouping tools
    1. Auto-Update group members based on business rules
    2. Alerts on groups created and sent to team and suppliers
  • Increase the value of Alerts with On Demand Processing

Alert & Exception Management

Shelf life at both the distribution center and store level is integrated into Data Profits’ planning calculations. Customized exception management and alerts are essential for perishable products and dated products including calendars, coupons, and promotional products like seasonal packaging and bonus packs.

Prioritized Work, Targeted Effort

With so many SKUs in retail, Data Profits allows buyers, planners and management to prioritize their areas of business and provide real time alerts, accurate analysis, and recommendations.

Unlike other systems, Data Profits allows grocers to create dynamically updated groups based on custom business rules, hierarchy, weekly ads, or market events like weather, holidays, and emergencies (hurricanes and ice storms). This functionality automatically updates the forecast and orders for that “event” at a particular location or store based on all the influences.

  • Create Alerts for your dynamic custom groups
  • Select frequency of alert- daily, weekly, monthly
  • Select user, supplier, roles, priority for Alert distribution

Supply Chain Visibility

iKIS is built to provide complete supply chain visibility all within one application. With drag and drop capabilities, users can input information top down or bottom up and provide information to anyone in the supply chain.

Customize with Business Users, not IT

This customization can take place without IT resources or additional fees. From vendors to planners to buyers to executives, everyone in the supply chain is aligned in one solution which reports the same results in an appropriate view for their job function.

  • Real Time Collaboration -internal and external users
  • Create and Shares Scorecards, Programs, Reports
  • Create, Lock and Share Custom layouts to roles and users
  • Individualize for Execs, Manager, DC , Store, Supplier

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor owned inventory is a common and necessary practice in many retail environments, especially retail. Data Profits’ iKIS solution allows accurate inventory information to pass safely between vendors and the grocer.

Information Security & Visibility

Only predetermined information passes out of the retail “firewall” to the vendor and vice versa. The vendor information is presented on customizable dashboards created by the grocer. This information transfer allows both the vendor and grocer to see the same information, achieve their desired service levels, make immediate adjustments rather than end of day to help prevent out-of-stock from sales, promotions, or disasters.

  • Lower Costs, Faster Turn Around and Better Fill Rate
  • Projections for Sales, Orders, Inventory Availability
  • Alerts and Messaging in Real Time to Supplier and Internal Team

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit

Deal & Promotion Management

Promotion management is a key component for a profitable business. Promotions are integrated in the Consolidated Forecast; the impact is visible across the entire supply chain. Promotions are managed at both DC and store level when required. Alerts are generated from your custom business rules to manage activity at both, a DC or store level as a key driver to profitability.

  • Manage your Event Calendar
  • Track In-Flight and Post Performance
  • Integrated into Replenishment

Investment Buying

Investment buying or Forward buy is really turning your inventory into an investment. The buyer purchases extra weeks or months of supply and bears additional carrying costs. The additional position in inventory will offset those costs and improve the bottom line. Capitalize on the opportunity by calculating the most profitable order quantity for the deal.

  • Maximize Company ROI
  • Integrated into Order Management
  • Manage Investment by Item or Category

Shelf Life

Real Time information keeps short shelf life product moving through your supply chain efficiently and profitably. Vendors connected on the network can see the product sales and alerts in real time. Optimize planning and visibility to maximize consumer satisfaction. Shelf Life is integrated into our planning calculation based upon your custom business rules.

  • Maintain Flow of Fresh Product
  • Manage for Store or DC
  • Identify Potential Disruptions