Business Intelligence Tools

According to research by analyst firm Gartner, between 70% to 80% of corporate business intelligence projects fail.

Free BI Tools with iKIS

iKIS provides BI Tools and Business Analytics with every purchase. There is no upcharge for the tools to manage your business.

Do you and your team have the right information to make good decisions? Poor communication leads to poor decisions, causing business intelligence projects to fail. Not only do the right people have the wrong data, but some people have no data. Sound familiar? It’s time to ‘Tighten the Links in your Chain.’™

Our Mass Maintenance Module allows users to create product or location groups that are built based on  your business rules. The product or location group members (custom business groups) can be updated on a regular schedule.  Why have a top 25 product list that never changes until you change it or you wait for IT to change it. Now things like your top 25 products in a department are selected based on your business rules and the product list is auto updated each month. Now you can use that group anywhere in the program for mass maintenance, customer alerts and work groups.

Custom Business Groups

See the future without dice, darts, or Excel.

Review and operate your business as distinct groups that can change with time and market.

  • Self adjust on your schedule
  • Set up members based on custom selections or business rules
  • Set group members to be reviewed/updated automatically or on a schedule.

Supply Chain Management

Build, customize, and take action on large data sets with ease in minutes.

  • Build data sets from tens of products to millions of products
  • Customize business rules
  • Take actions across custom-built data sets in minutes

Exception Management

Create custom messaging, alerts and actions based on how you run the business.

  • Customize schedule for creation
  • Select who reviews or works alerts
  • Note user attention to key business events

Score Cards, KPIs, & Performance Metrics

See your data and act on issues instantly.

  • Customize columns of data
  • Create either graphs, grids or charts
  • Set KPIs based on your business rules
  • Business analytics

Demand-Driven Requires Bottom Up Supply Chain