Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility & Retail Inventory Solutions

Data Profits’ iKIS provides supply chain visibility that drives improved sales, increased customer satisfaction and profits. Move beyond the dashboard; Our key differentiators include:

  • An integrated picture of the supply chain which can be securely shared with internal and supplier and/or logistics sources
  • Multi-level collaboration and action to create real-time views of strategic KPIs including risk, service levels, and in-stock availability
  • Access to data and programs to make changes in a few clicks
  • Supply chain visibility views by supply chain stakeholders without IT support
  • Collaboration for key stakeholders in senior management, supply chain management, distribution center management, merchandising, buying, and inventory planning


Successful Supply Chains consist of a seamlessly choreographed series of events from a wide variety of departments, organizations and groups, both inside and outside of an organization. Data Profits allows and promotes real time collaboration with intuitive and customizable dashboards and alerts. These alerts can be created on as an as needed basis or regularly scheduled based on time, date and performance metrics.


As on any high performance vehicle, the Data Profits iKIS dashboards are important instruments that provide valuable KPI information to the various members of the supply chain team, both inside and outside of the organization. Not only are these dashboards easy to read with a graphical user interface, but they allow on-the-fly what-if scenarios. These powerful tools facilitate faster analysis and decision making by all levels. These dashboards can be created and changed without the support of IT.


Data Profits VMI is much more than just data and delivery of inventory status information. With trading partners viewing the same forecasting, replenishment and inventory information along with our real time actionable alerts your supply chain becomes agile and responsive to your customer needs. The Data Profits VMI solution is affordable, safe and secure with a firewall between each organization.

Executive Management

Data Profits understands the need to report Supply Chain KPIs to Boards of Directors, senior management and auxiliary departments such as finance and marketing within an organization. iKIS dashboards can be created to report both high level and detailed analytics based an individual’s knowledge ofSupply Chain management. This is an important tool to manage and collaborate up, down and around an organization.


Accurate Demand Forecasting drives effective and profitable inventory management, optimization, and replenishment solutions. Our next generation solution, iKIS, combines high-end statistics & projections with real-world BI and analysis. The result is unprecedented demand forecasting accuracy,out of the box.

With a better demand forecast, you’ll see:

  • Accurate Stock Models (Order Point, Order-up-to-Level, etc.)
  • Lower Safety Stock
  • Order Cycle Projections
  • Projected Orders

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization increases your profits, calculating the most economical way for you to flow inventory (EOQ) and minimize costs.

Our order management solution maintains your service goals, pleasing your customers, vendors, and bottom line. We optimize:

  • Acquisition Cost
  • Carrying Cost
  • Profit

Inventory Replenishment

See the future without dice, darts, or Excel.

Accurately forecast demand across all levels of your business. Now you can target inventory investments and customer opportunities. Now you can collaborate in real time with your suppliers to add value to the forecast.

  • Exception Management
  • Use Regular, Lost, Promo, Coupon, & CloseOut Sales
  • Multiple algorithms
  • Event/Promotion Aware