Deal Buying and Promotion Management

Grocers, wholesalers, and distributors: we understand that the management of deals and promotions is a huge part of your business. We deliver a comprehensive solution for end-to-end Promotion Management.

  • Ensure in-stocks, keeping inventory costs as low as possible while maximizing turns
  • Position the optimal amount of inventory to meet targeted service levels while maintaining freshness and quality requirements.
  • Tailor assortments and categories to local tastes while optimally using constrained space to drive sales velocity and profitability.
  • Include seasonal and market trends
  • Include an accurate demand forecast

Core Grocery Features

Note: You’ll buy based upon the consolidated demand forecast

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit

Download FREE Inventory Optimization Kit

Working with Deal Buying and Promotions in iKIS

Beyond planning the front side of a promotion, our customized alerts can measure consumer response versus actual and review your inventory positions, identifying potential service issues throughout the life cycle of the promotion or deal. Our BI Tools deliver efficient exception management capabilities to all the links of your supply chain. You can pre-set alerts to be automatically sent to email or cell phones of your corporate group, warehouse group, and vendor personnel. Likewise, you can select individuals who are part of the event or promotion to receive exception communications.

Why wait a day to learn you are selling more than expected? A vendor can receive an alert and ship DSD to your stores same-day to meet tomorrow’s demand. Cutting hours and days out of your response times will lead to better service (and sales) for your promotions.

Ongoing and post promotion, IKIS supports viewing the historical regular lost and promotional sales for each of your product/location combinations. You can measure consumer response and include or exclude the demand in the forecast. Similarly, you can save the deal/promotional information and reuse it for future deals.

Our BI analytics and state-of-the art demand forecasting and planning tools support your deal planning processes. These tools empower you to minimize inventories but stay in-stock with the right products at the right location, delivering increased sales and customer satisfaction. Using Data Profits iKIS solution for Deals and Promotion Management provides the following benefits:

  • Create more effective promotions with detailed and accurate planning forecasts
  • Operate more effectively, internally and with trading partners
  • Accurately track performance, in-flight and post-promotion

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